Lists information about Slurm nodes and partitions. Command output has 6 columns.

Partition: Slurm partitions
Avail: Partition availability
Timelimit: Partition max time limit
Nodes: Nodes in requested partition
State: State of nodes(mix, idle, down, draining, drained, mix, alloc)

  • idle:free,
  • down: node is down,
  • draining: issue about node and node is closed for new jobs. Node will be taken out of cluster after jobs are finished,
  • drained:node is closed to all jobs,
  • mix:some of resource on node is used,
  • alloc:resource on node is fully allocated(used). No resource available on node.

Nodelist: Nodes in partition
sinfo shows all partitions and nodes in cluster. For ai partition, you can use “sinfo|grep ai

[root@login02 ~]# sinfo|grep ai
admin          up   infinite     30    mix ag01,ai[01,03-14],be[04,06-07],buyukliman,da[01-04],dy03,it[02-04],ke[02,04],rk01,sm01
admin          up   infinite      3   idle ai02,be[11-12]
short*         up    2:00:00     29    mix ag01,ai[01,03-14],be[04,06-07],buyukliman,da[01-04],dy03,it[01-04],rk01,sm01
short*         up    2:00:00      3   idle ai02,be[11-12]
mid            up 1-00:00:00     18    mix ai[05-11],be[04,06-07],buyukliman,da[03-04],dy03,it[03-04],rk01,sm01
long           up 7-00:00:00     19    mix ag01,ai[06-14],be[04,06-07],buyukliman,da04,dy03,it04,rk01,sm01
ai             up 7-00:00:00     14    mix ai[01,03-14],dy03
ai             up 7-00:00:00      1  alloc dy02
ai             up 7-00:00:00      1   idle ai02

In command output,

Partition: ai
Availibility: partition is upup
Time limit: max 7days
-There are 14 nodes with mix state. It means that some of resources on these nodes(ai[01,03-14],dy03) are used. There is still resource.
-There is only one node(dy02) fully allocated.
-There is only one node(ai02) free. fully available

⚠️⚠️⚠️ sinfo command is useful for listing resources in a short version. However, there is another command(kuacc-info) which is more detailed and more useful.