January 20, 2022

Computer Vision and Computer Graphics in 21st industry

Dr.Yücel Yemez is a professor in the Computer Engineering Department at Koç University. His main research areas are Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning. In this episode, we talked about the relations of his research areas with industry,  and the importance & applications of his research areas in the real world. Click here to listen.

April 09, 2021

AI Behind the Perception and Expression of Pictures

Dr. Metin Sezgin is an Associate Professor at Koç University and leads the Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) Lab. Their main research focus is human-computer interaction and intelligent user interfaces. In this episode, we talk about their ongoing work at IUI Lab on sketch interpretation and its relation to language and cartoons as well as his take on teaching and collaborations with industry. Click here to listen.

January 31, 2021

One Term in: Catching up with the AI Fellows

In this episode, we talk to some of our fellows who completed their first term at KUIS AI. They share the current state of their research, as well as their goals looking into the future. We also discuss the application process for KUIS AI, and give some tips to future applicants, so check out if you’re aspiring to become a fellow! Click here to listen.

Thanks to the fellows who participated in this episode:
Ahmet Canberk Baykal
Berk Güler
Ege Onat Özsuer
Gürkan Soykan
Kaan Adil Akan
Müge Kural

Also special thanks to Necla Mutlu, our co-host and moderator for this episode.

December 31, 2020

KUIS AI: A Researcher’s Sanctum

Welcome to the last episode of the year! In this episode, we interview Prof. Deniz Yuret, the founding director of KUIS AI and professor of computer engineering at Koç University. We talk about Deep Learning revolution(s), the relationship between language and creativity, a multidisciplinary look into AI research, his fascination with research as well as struggles, and his dreams and goals with KUIS AI looking into the future. Click here to listen.

December 17, 2020

Robotics in the Upcoming AI Revolution

Dr. Barış Akgün is an Assistant Professor at Koç University. He leads the Alive Lab at Koc. They work on designing systems and algorithms for robots that can operate autonomously in complex real-world environments, side-by-side with humans. Click here to listen.

October 2, 2020

Parallel Computing: BeyondMoore with Dr. Didem Unat

Dr. Didem Unat, the first computer scientist in Türkiye to receive an ERC award and recipient of several other awards*. She leads ParCoreLab on high-performance computing at Koc. They work on designing programming models for computer architectures as well as optimizing deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and DeepGraph Library for speed. Click here to listen.