Will the internship & summer research programs (KUSRP) for 2020 be online?
Yes, in accordance with the measures taken against the COVID-19 outbreak, this summer, both programs will be conducted online.
Do I have to fill out another application for the KUIS AI or is my application for graduate study (thesis-based) enough?
GSSE application is enough. Please check our website for more information.
I have already applied to two PhD programs, as early application, one of which is Computer Engineering. Is that enough to be considered for the KUIS AI fellowship or do I have to follow additional procedures?
That’s sufficient.
Can theses/students be co-supervised?
What skills and background are you looking for in candidates applying to the MS and PhD programs?
We look for mathematical maturity and good programming skills. You can prepare yourself by brushing up your Linear Algebra and Probability. There are excellent online resources (e.g. in MIT by Strang on Linear Algebra with emphasis on ML and by Thisiklis on Probability). You can follow this up with an introductory Machine Learning course such as the ML course on Coursera by Ng.
Is a candidate more likely to be accepted to Direct Phd compared to the MSc program?
How do we indicate our preference in labs, and does showing interest in multiple labs increase our chances of acceptance?
You can indicate your preference in your application, and in your SOP. The answer to the followup question is no.
Are there any industry related projects for someone who is more inclined towards industrial projects rather than research? Like involving Data Science and AI together.
You are expected to carry out research. Even if your are on an industry-sponsored project you are expected to carry out novel research.
Should we get in touch the professors before we apply?
Not strictly.
Do students qualified for the AI fellowship have a TA requirement?
If an MS graduate applies for PhD at Koç, can he/she get exemption for the coursework that he/she already did in his/her masters?
MS requires 7 courses. PhD 14 or MS+7
I have an offer from another institution that requires me to decide before the KUIS AI decisions are announced. Is there anything I can do about this?
Please contact us for expedited consideration.