KUACC HPC (High Performance Computing) Cluster
An introduction to KUACC HPC Cluster and its components such as login nodes, compute nodes, service nodes, high speed network and storage.
How do I Login to the HPC Machines?
How to access the cluster is explained step by step for different softwares.
How to Use Storage?
- User Home Folder - Datasets Folder - Userfiles Folder
How do I copy files/data to the HPC Machines?
on campus: - scp - rsync - sftp / ftp clients off campus: - Google Drive/Dropbox - Mount your home folder over ssh(sshfs):
SLURM - Queuing System
A glossary for SLURM.
Batch and Interactive Jobs
Batch Jobs: - Requesting resources - Loading library and application modules - Running your codes Interactive Jobs: - srun - salloc - How to run a GUI by using interactive jobs?
Environment Modules
How to install, check environment modules.
Monitoring Running Jobs
Monitoring Job: - squeue - kuacc-queue - scontrol - kuacc-summary Monitoring CPU and Memory Usage: - ps - top/htop - nvidia-smi Most Common Issues:
Monitoring KUACC System
- df - du - info - kuacc-info - kuacc-nodes - scontrol show node node_name
GPUs on KUACC Cluster
GPU specifications and command explained.
KUIS AI Center Limits
The constrains for KUIS AI Lab users on cluster are explained.