Koç University & İş Bank Artificial Intelligence Center (KUIS AI)

Establishment of İş Bankası in 1924 was one of the paramount measures implemented under the leadership of Atatürk, with the mission to lay the foundations of a modern and strong nation, liberated on all fronts. In keeping with this mission, over the last century, İş Bankası created impact beyond the traditional banking domain, and acted as a key patron of scientific, cultural and technological activities in Türkiye.

The College of Engineering at Koç University, despite commemorating its 20th anniversary just recently, has established itself as a key contributor to AI-related technologies in a short amount of time. The College has attracted faculty members from top institutions and boasts a select body of alumni.

In February 2020, Koç University and İş Bankası jointly established the Artificial Intelligence Center at Koç University to create a center of excellence in the emerging field of artificial intelligence. The center creates unmatched synergy combining the scientific resources of the College of Engineering with the financial support of İş Bankası to add to the mission conceived a century ago.