The Artificial Intelligence Track consists of a five course sequence that emphasizes core areas of AI: learning, vision, language, robotics. The track advisors are Deniz Yuret and Barış Akgün. The students take at least one of the core courses and four of the elective courses:

Core courses

  • Comp341 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Comp421 Introduction to Machine Learning

Elective courses

  • Comp404 Digital Speech and Audio Processing
  • Comp408 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Comp410 Computer Graphics
  • Comp437 Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Comp541 Deep Learning
  • Comp442 Natural Language Processing
  • Comp470 Bioinformatics and Algorithms in Computational Biology
  • Elec201 Signals and Systems
  • Mech444/544 Robotics