Prof.  Dr. Çiğdem Gündüz Demir

Director, KUIS AI Center

Office: ENG 108A
Phone: +90 212 338 1853

Medical Image Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Prof. Dr. Attila Gürsoy

Dean of CE and Director of GSSE

Office: ENG 125
Phone: +90 212 338 1720

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Computational Structural Biology, Biological Networks, Computational Molecular Medicine, Systems Pharmacology, High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing

Prof. Dr. Aylin Küntay

Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Office: SOS 212
Phone: +90 212 338 1409

Language and communication development in young monolingual and bilingual children

Assist. Prof. Merih Angın

College of Administrative Sciences and Economics

Office: CASE 155
Phone: +90 212 338 1899

 International political economy, international development, international financial institutions, computational social sciences including agent-based modeling, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence governance.

Prof. Dr. Özgür Barış Akan

Director, Next-generation and Wireless Communications Laboratory

Office: MF 253
Phone: +90 212 338 1794

Signal Processing and Telecommunications, Nano, Molecular and Neural Communications, Bio-inspired Communications, Cyber-physical Systems, 5G and THz Wireless Mobile Networks, Distributed Social Sensing, Cognitive Radio and Sensor Networks, Satellite and Space Communications, Signal Processing and Information Theory

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Gürsoy Özdemir

Director, Health Sciences Institute, Koç University

Office: KUH M4244
Phone: +90 850 250 5040