KUIS AI Meetings

KUIS AI Meeting is held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM  or sometimes at 05:00 PM depending on the timezone or *the availability of the speaker. When this happens, the participants are informed in advance via email. Every week, we host a speaker either external or internal from KUIS AI. Each week, information about the next week’s meeting is sent to the participants via the mail group. To be added to the mail group please send us an e-mail. You can also have information about the talks in the coming weeks on the Media page.

Topic: KUIS AI Meeting
Time: Every week on Tuesday, 1:00 PM Istanbul


Meeting ID: 9859835577
Passcode: 254333

How to Make Reservation for KUIS AI Meetings?

  • Contact Aykut Erdem (fguney@ku.edu.tr) 2-3 weeks before the date you want to make a presentation or directly edit the spreadsheet
  • Do not forget to provide the necessary information about the subject and title. The meetings are recorded by default but it is not a necessity. For example, if you want to present an unpublished work, make sure that you request not to be recorded. 

Why Students Should Attend the AI Meetings as A Speaker?

The presentation of your work is as important as how you conduct. With AI Meetings:

  • You can receive feedback from your colleagues working in different fields with different perspectives,
  • You can improve your presentation skills.

Since most of the participants do not have enough knowledge about your study, the feedbacks can give you clues on the areas that need improvement in your presentation skills, and the questions asked can shed light on the points you might want to think about your research.

Some example presentations from our students:

These contents can help you to improve your presentation skills:

Conference presentations: Lead the poster parade, Chris Woolston
Designing conference posters, Colin Purrington
How to give a good talk, David Fleet and Aaron Hertzmann
How to give a talk (that doesn’t put your audience to sleep), Ramesh Raskar
Small Guide To Giving Presentations, Markus Püschel
How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science: A Speaker’s Guide for Students, Ian Parberry
Giving an effective presentation: Using Powerpoint and structuring a scientific talk, Susan McConnell (video)
Respect the poster, Anila D’Mello, Oliver Flynn
How To Speak, Patrick Winston