Title: Optimization and Co-design Framework for Sparse Computation

Faculty: Didem Unat (dunat@ku.edu.tr)


Dr. Didem Unat’s research laboratory invites outstanding applicants for 2-year post-doc positions and multiple PhD positions, who will carry out research activities within the EuroHPC funded SparCity project, which aims at creating a supercomputing framework that will provide efficient algorithms and coherent tools specifically designed for maximising the performance and energy efficiency of sparse computations on emerging HPC systems, while also opening up new usage areas for sparse computations in data analytics and deep learning. More on project website: http://sparcity.eu/

Required profile for Postdoc Positions

All applicants must hold a PhD degree in computer science or related fields. The applicants should also have a strong track record in scientific publication and dissemination. The applicants should be proficient in both written and spoken English. All applicants must have research expertise in at least two of the following subjects:

  • Parallel programing (OpenMP, MPI)
  • Accelerator programing (GPUs, IPUs)
  • Performance optimization
  • Performance modeling
  • Graph neural networks and deep learning
  • Sparse matrices or sparse computation in general

To apply or inquiry: send an email to Dr. Didem Unat (dunat@ku.edu.tr) with your CV or visit the group website at https://parcorelab.ku.edu.tr/jobs/.