KUIS AI Conference Support Procedure

KUIS AI Conference-Travel Support 

KUIS AI Center provides travel support for KUIS AI members who will attend a conference physically or virtually regarding their research.  

The maximum support amount is 50 K TRY. Therefore, all the expenses subject to reimbursement must not exceed this limit.  


Who can apply? 

  • KUIS AI Members (regardless of fellowship status for students):  
  • Acceptance of a top-tier conference.  
  • Applying to other funding sources (Conference Committee or Organization Travel Award, GSSE, TUBİTAK, EU, etc.) is obligatory before KUIS AI conference support application. 
  • Only presenting author will be supported for the same publication at the relevant top-tier conference. 
  • Please note that this support is subject to the availability of the KUIS AI conference-travel fund. 


How to apply? 

  • Please send the following documents to ai-info@ku.edu.tr by cc’ing your advisor for conference travel support requests at least two months ago. 
  • Notification email or documents of other funds applications. 


Which expenses will be reimbursed? 

  • Conference registration,
  • Economy class airfare, second class train and bus tickets (the most economical rates must be selected),
  • Visa cost,
  • Accommodation (the most economical rates must be selected),


Required documents (both soft and hard copy) for the reimbursement are given below: 

  • Conference registration invoice, 
  • Flight, train and bus tickets invoice and boarding passes after air travel,  
  • Visa cost receipt,
  • Accommodation invoice.


Please note that daily expenses (accommodation) for a day must not exceed the daily allowance rate of the destination country based on the travel expense code in Turkey in 2023. 


The maximum number of  travel days that will be covered by KUIS AI Center can be  two days more than the total number of conference days, one day before conference and one day after the conference.

If applicants get funds from GSSE and/or Tübitak, they cannot use the same invoice twice to reimburse from different funding resources. For example, if students get Tübitak travel support and submit a flight ticket invoice to get reimbursement, they cannot submit this same invoice to KUIS AI Center. Therefore, applicants should plan which invoices they will submit to KUIS AI and which ones to other funding resources.