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Sep 21, 2021

Çağatay Yıldız from Aalto University, Finland

Continuous-Time Model-Based Reinforcement Learning

Model-based reinforcement learning (MBRL) approaches rely on discrete-time state transition models whereas physical systems and the vast majority of control tasks operate in continuous-time. Such discrete-time approximations typically lead to inaccurate dynamic models, which in turn deteriorate the control learning task. In this talk, I will describe an alternative continuous-time MBRL framework for RL. Our approach infers the unknown state evolution differentials with Bayesian neural ordinary differential equations (ODE) to account for epistemic uncertainty. We also propose a novel continuous-time actor-critic algorithm for policy learning. Our experiments illustrate that the model is robust against irregular and noisy data, is sample-efficient, and can solve control problems which pose challenges to discrete-time MBRL methods.