KUIS AI Fellowship Terms

  1. AI Fellowships are for full-time students who are registered for the MS or the PhD degree program and devote his/her full time to completing the degree requirements. Side benefits (laptop, meal card, etc.) are provided during the support of the AI Fellowship.


  1. The continuation of AI Fellowships is merit-based. The fellowship will continue depending on the fellow’s performance that will be evaluated at the end of each semester (fall, spring, and summer semesters) by their advisor and the AI Committee.


  1. Fellows must disclose all additional scholarship payments or external funding they receive to the KUIS AI Center and the Graduate School and get approval both from the KUIS AI Center and the Graduate School. All undisclosed or unapproved payments oblige with the termination of the fellowship status.


  1. AI Fellowships are nominated by a faculty. Fellows must agree on with one faculty member as their thesis advisor at the beginning of their first semester. After then, the fellowship status must be reconsidered by the AI Committee if the advisor changes.


  1. Additionally, all graduate students are bound by the Koç University Graduate Scholarship Rules and Regulations as well as YÖK (Higher Education Council in Turkey) Rules and Regulations.