We are looking for talented and motivated post-doctoral researchers in multiple areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We provide a competitive benefits package:

  • Salary: Competitive salary with respect to industry and raise based on performance
  • Travel: Full support for top-tier conferences.
  • Computation: A laptop, full access to our GPU cluster, and additional cloud support as needed.
  • Other benefits: Private health insurance, subsidy for housing and meals.

The title of the available projects:

The full list of available positions and their details can be found here.

KUIS AI  has 15 core and 20+ affiliated faculty from multiple disciplines, including engineering, basic sciences, medicine, economics, management, and social sciences. Research areas include deep learning, reinforcement learning, representation learning, natural-language processing, robotics, computer vision, autonomous driving, bioinformatics, intelligent interaction, interpretability/explainability, multimedia processing, distributed systems and networks intelligence, systems software and more.