Self-supervised Visual Representation Learning from Videos

September 10, 2020

Speaker: Weidi Xie

Recent methods based on self-supervised learning have shown remarkable progress and are now able to build features that are competitive with features built through supervised learning. However, the research focus is on learning transferable representations from i.i.d data, e.g. images. To be really applicable, the networks are still required to finetune with manual annotations on downstream tasks, which is always not satisfactory. In this talk, I will cover self-supervised visual representation learning from videos, and explain why I think videos are the perfect data source for self-supervised learning. Specifically, I will present our recent efforts in visual learning representation (from videos) that can benefit semantic downstream tasks, exploiting the rich information in videos, e.g. temporal information, motions, audios, narrations, spatial-temporal coherence, etc. Apart from evaluating the transferability, representation learned from videos are able to directly generalize to downstream tasks with zero annotations ! As a conclusion, I would like to summarize the shortcomings of our works and some preliminary thoughts on how they may be addressed to push the community forward.

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