Online Data Science Certificate Program: There is a growing demand in industry for data scientists. This program is designed for professionals with strong technical (programming, engineering and mathematics) backgrounds. The program aims to refresh linear algebra, probability and statistics knowledge, introduce the broad field of artificial intelligence, teach fundamental machine learning models and deep learning approaches. In addition to learning about the theory, the participants develop skills in Python, R and Julia. The program concludes with an applied end-to-end data science project of participants choosing with a faculty supervisor.

Participants first attend a week long mathematical refresher course. Afterwards, they are given access to online Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Comp341) and Introduction to Machine Learning (DASC521) courses in their first semester, and to the online Deep Learning (Comp541) course in the second. They come to the campus every two weeks to attend programming and discussion sessions. The applied project is done in the second semester.

Contact Cansu Kuman ( for further information on how to apply