The AI fellowship will be awarded to qualified MS and PhD students. Candidates will be determined with additional testing after regular admission to graduate school. The fellowship offers the following benefits:

  • Starting salary: 4000 TL/mo for MS, 5000 TL/mo for PhD students.
  • Performance bonus: 1000 TL/mo raise after a qualified publication as first author.
  • Travel grant: full support for the first conference to be determined by the advisor and full support for subsequent top-tier conference publications.
  • Computation grant: a laptop, full access to Koc University High Performance Computing cluster and cloud support as needed.
  • Other benefits: Student housing based on availability or 1000 TL/mo housing aid. All students receive private health insurance and subsidy for meals.
  • GSSE Rules and Regulations apply for anything not specified in this document.


Frequently asked questions:

  • Who can apply?
    • Applicants from any department with a strong background in math and computing who want to study AI can apply.
  • How to apply?
    • New applicants should complete the standard application process for GSSE and specify an AI related field of study. Additional evaluation tasks (tests, projects) may be required for fellowship admission based on the applicant’s background.
  • Can students with other sources of income (e.g. projects) and existing graduate students apply?
    • Yes, the fellowship can provide additional income to be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Can the fellowship be terminated?
    • The continuation of the fellowship will be re-evaluated if:
      • GPA is below 2.7 for two semesters.
      • Research grade is unsatisfactory for two semesters.
      • The student does not complete the degree within the standard duration: 4 semesters for MS, 8 semesters for PhD after MS, 10 semesters for PhD after BS.