Administrative Guide Internal Page for KUIS AI Fellows

Useful Links Before The Registration

After acceptance of the offer letter, GSSE will contact you for the registration process.  During this period the following links can be helpful for your orientation:

Our international students can visit International Community Office website for the preparation (visa application, student residence permit, residing documents, etc. ) before coming to Türkiye.

After Registration

Please get in touch with Admin Assistant Neslihan Yürük for the following requests:

  • membership in KUIS AI Center’s mailing lists,
  • have a laptop with a GPU,
  • ai partition account for cluster
  • a performance bonus,
  • reimbursement payment,
  • travel support for conferences,
  • Office ID card for KUIS AI İş Towers.


For further information or questions, feel free to contact our admin assistant Neslihan Yürük.